A Teleidoscope is a Kaleidoscope which has had the regular object chamber replaced with one or more lenses. This means the kaleidoscopic view is generated from whatever the user points the Scope at. Our K Sera Scopes are lovely small Teleidoscopes made either in Swamp Kauri with Clear Coated Brass end caps, or a copper tube Steampunk version .  A display stand is provided.

Swamp Kauri K Sera.

Kauri K Sera

Copper K Seras.

img_1106 img_1105

Swamp kauri K Seras are $90, and the Copper K Seras are $100.

Please note that the shipping costs for international orders is for just standard post. No insurance or tracking. Please email us for a quote if you would like to upgrade the service.

Kauri K Sera with Shipping

Copper K Sera with Shipping

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This ‘ Peek-a-Bouquet ‘ ( don’t cha love the name !! )  Scope is a delight. Set up to view flowers floating in water water, as a small  pump circulates them. Just gorgeous in our Swamp Kauri, it will grace any Entrance Way, Conservatory or Reception Area.

The pump is a 12 volt DC, 35 watt.

The Swamp Kauri Peek-a-Bouquet is $750, and needs some minor assembly.
The mandalas below are taken through the Peek-a-Bouquet ( with a smart phone !! ).


Swamp Kauri ' Peek-a Bouquet '

Swamp Kauri ‘ Peek-a Bouquet ‘


Please email us for a Quote including shipping for a Peek-a-Bouquet Scope.