Kitset Kaleidoscopes

Our Kitset Kaleidoscope will introduce the assembler to the principles of a simple 3 mirror kaleidoscope and allow them to choose their own ‘special ‘ bits and pieces to put in the object chamber. The tube is made from white cardboard and the 3 mirrors are from front surface coated ( by us of course ) plastic strip. The use of plastic strip makes the assembly both easy ( a glass mirror can scratch another mirror really easily ), and of course ensures the safety of young hands of all ages from accidental cuts.

The contents of the Object Chamber can be changed.

Full instructions, with diagrams, are included, of course. The decoration of the outside of the tube is over to you !!

Here you can see two assembled kits, and one in pieces. Obviously there are 3 mirrors supplied, ( not just one like shown). You can also see the Tube, Eyepiece, Acrylic Object Chamber ( with Lid ), and Chamber retaining ring.
made kits
While no kaleidoscope is ever the same, and nor should they be, here’s a close up of the 2 kits in the other photo, to get your creative juices flowing !!  We’ve painted the Tubes black, and covered one with coloured dried leaves, the other with round  bumpy stickers !! Cool.

Kitsets are $15 each.

Please contact us for International Shipping prices.