Handheld Ancient Kauri Scopes

Our small hand held Scopes are about 22cm ( 9 inches ) long and made, of course, of Ancient Kauri.

They have a 3 mirror, equilateral mirror system, and come with one of two chamber display choices. Each one has it’s own display stand.

The Cathedral Windows display is a traditional mix of coloured and dichroic glass pieces.

Very vibrant!

The Pacifica display has mostly pieces of polished Paua Shell ( New Zealand’s beautiful native abalone ) with some coloured and dichroic glass to add sparkle!

A  wonderful New Zealand Souvenir!

We have secured some of our beautiful Ancient Swamp Kauri which was attacked by a now extinct Borer bug, which made holes in the timber as it slowly submerged into the swamps. The timber itself is most attractive, around the holes it has darkened more than the rest of the body. Don’t worry, the Borer is 40,000 years dead, but it’s legacy ‘lives’ on