Teleidoscopes/Outdoor Scopes

A Teleidoscope is a Kaleidoscope which has had the regular object chamber replaced with one or more lenses. This means the kaleidoscopic view is generated from whatever the user points the Scope at. Our K Sera Scopes are lovely small Teleidoscopes made either in Swamp Kauri with Clear Coated Brass end caps, or a copper tube Steampunk version .  A display stand is provided.

Swamp Kauri K Sera.

Kauri K Sera

Steampunk K Seras.

img_1106 img_1105

K Seras are $90.

Please note that the shipping costs for international orders is for just standard post. No insurance or tracking. Please email us for a quote if you would like to upgrade the service.

Kauri K Sera with Shipping

SteamPunk K Sera with Shipping

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Here’s Santa enjoying one of our large Scopes !!!



This ‘ Peek-a-Bouquet ‘ ( don’t cha love the name !! )  Scope is a delight. Set up to view flowers floating in water water, as a small  pump circulates them. Just gorgeous in our Swamp Kauri, it will grace any Entrance Way, Conservatory or Reception Area.

The pump is a 12 volt DC, 35 watt.

The Swamp Kauri Peek-a-Bouquet is $750, and needs some minor assembly.
The mandalas below are taken through the Peek-a-Bouquet ( with a smart phone !! ).


Swamp Kauri ' Peek-a Bouquet '

Swamp Kauri ‘ Peek-a Bouquet ‘


This Peek-a-Bouquet is designed to have growing plants in the bowl. The bowl is free draining, and this Scope is completely weather proof, and so should stay outside, unless the temperatures become extreme, either way ! The barrel and Scope holder are made from treated pine, and painting is optional. The Scope itself is stainless steel. The bowl can be turned around with your hand. Lovely 2 mirror optics give similar images to the indoor Peek-a-Bouquet, but this time from your plants : try potted plants, herbs, and succulents, and perhaps even add a collection of outdoor stuff, shells, driftwood and interesting found things.

This Scope ships as a kit, so some minor assembly is required. It costs $650, unpainted.

Please email us for a Quote including shipping for either of these Peek-a-Bouquet Scopes.