Favour Scopes

Looking for a unique and innovative way to commemorate a special event ?

Our cute little Favour Scopes will do just that. They are built inside a laboratory test tube, which are really tough little critters, and can be almost infinitely customised.

The kaleidoscope itself  has 3 mirrors, and the choice of chamber contents and decorative mirror covering ( which is inside the test tube, so will remain clean and free of fingerprints – or worse !! ) is up to you.  We can use a wide variety of objects in the chamber, you can even send us significant pieces to add, and the mirror covering can be anything from lace on coloured paper ( here we have lace on green sparkle ) to photos of the happy couple, missed loved ones, over sixties bikies or anything else you care to have. The eyepiece can be engraved as you can see here, or left plain.  Each one has an acrylic base.

Please email for a discussion of what would be best for you, and a price.Favour1 Favour2wedding table

Rachel and Daniel’s Wedding Scopes for 50 guests.

Spot the symbolic wedding Ring in the Object Chamber.