Bubble Scopes

The new Bubble Scope, Iris, features Swamp Kauri and lots lots of clear coated hand made Brass work.

The lever on the side allows you to dip the black ring you can see inside the Ball into the detergent, and then lift it up again, and back into the view position. The kaleidoscope images are then made from the refraction of the light from the LED, by the soap film. They are incredibly beautiful. And even better, they are created by a completely natural process !


Your Iris is a completely hand made artwork, and so while it will be in a similar vein to the one shown, it will not be identical. We are quite happy to send you a photo of a complete Iris that will be the exact one you get.

The detergent will last ‘forever’, you just need to add a little water once or twice a year, through the bung in the back of the Ball.

Iris is NZ$1300. Please email your interest, and we will quote for postage options.

Here is a short video extract of it;