The Loves of Antheia

This is The Loves of Antheia, so named because Antheia was the Greek Goddess of flowers.

Here there are 6 different kaleidoscopes, all teleidoscopes really, arranged around a large octagonal tray. The tall handles on each point of the octagon allow you to turn the tray. It is beautifully smooth and utterly silent. The tray is full of soil, and is planted out with a variety of succulents and summer flowers, which we will change as they fade.

There is a 1 mirror Scope, a parallel ( storyline ) 2 mirror Scope, one each of a 6 point and an 8 point two mirror Scope, an equilateral 3 mirror Scope and a 4 mirror square Scope.

It’s beenĀ part of an outdoor Sculpture Trail for the last year, but is now home again.

How cool it would be in a Hotel Foyer or Children’s Hospital !!



Antheia at the 2017 Flower and Garden Show